Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 30 June 2019

You have decided to become a “datapreneur”, taking back the power of your data. This Aiisma App is your dashboard for the following activities:

1. Earning rewards for consensually and anonymously sharing:

  • Your smart device specific data (basic specifications of your smartphone)
  • Behavioural data, which describe how you use certain apps, functions, or products (timestamp, for how long, general navigation behaviour etc.). Learn more about AiiStreams: www…..

2. Creating your own interactive avatar simplifying your digital and daily life with the help of our proprietary AiiNSIGHTS feature (learn more about your avatar: www……

Aiisma is rewarding you for consensually sharing data.

Aiisma’s business-clients are renown brands and businesses. With the help of your anonymously shared data, they create highly targeted and non-invasive in-app banner-, video-, or text infomercials matching your preferences. You can decide if you want to view any of the infomercials to earn more rewards. In addition, you benefit from always being up to date with the latest news and releases around your favourite products or service.

The proprietary AiiNSIGHTS feature collates your shared data and gradually creates your digital avatar, which manages and organizes your digital presence, simplifies daily life and even acts as digital fence only filtering invasive data or spam targeted at you (learn more about your avatar: www…..

#mydatamyasset is more than an ordinary hashtag, it is a movement created by Aiisma to return the power of data back to individuals.

Tech companies have been mining user data for years and without asking for consent, providing information about the usage of your data and without compensating users when their data is further monetized. The #mydatamyasset movement challenges these malpractices and compensates the user adequately for producing and sharing data in an anonymous, fair and legal way.

You can anonymously share two sets of data:

1. Smart device specific data such as the basic specifications of your smartphone.

2. Behavioural data points, which describe how you use certain apps, functions, or products (timestamp, for how long, general navigation behaviour etc.).

*You do not share sensitive data or content with Aiisma.

No, you hold the master key to your data.

In case an Aiisma employee tries to access your sign up or KYC data, you and the Aiisma Founders will automatically receive a system generated in-app alert. This leads to immediate actions and further investigations according to Aiisma internal data safety and privacy protocols.

In order to pay-out rewards, we have to introduce a KYC process to comply with the global anti money laundry (AML) regulations, which require financial businesses to know who their customers are by requesting a completed KYC form. As the reward value increases, it is also important for your account safety that we know who is getting rewarded.

Yes, we comply with global data privacy regulations.

The Aiisma App is globally available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can share your data regardless of your location and participate in the #mydatamyasset movement. As the reward pay-out structure and policies vary between geographies and with India being our launch market, rewards are currently only available in India itself. However, kindly stay connected via our social media channels or the Aiisma App itself, as we are working on expanding globally.

Enter the settings via the main menu screen on the Aiisma App and select help & support to get in touch with the Aiisma support team.

Alternatively you can send directly an email to this address: and our support staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Aiisma is not built on blockchain technology, however Aiisma’s research partners at Hochschule Bremen - City University of Applied Sciences in Germany and European Business University in Luxembourg are currently working on integrating distributed ledger technology into the Aiisma data ecosystem.

The more data you choose to share, the more Aii’s you get rewarded in your wallet. Currently you can redeem the Aii’s in the form of amazon coupons, but rest assured you can expect way more redeem options and promotions over the time to come. We are also working on AiiPay another awesome feature related to your Aii’s.

Yes, once you activate the data sharing streams of your choice the app will run in the background.

Yes, you can but doing so, you will only receive limited rewards.

No, once you log out all earning and data-sharing activities stop but your profile-details and app activities will be saved for your next login.

Yes, earning extra Aii’s for referring friends will be active soon and you will be informed accordingly.