Earn rewards for anonymously and consensually sharing smart device data and behavioural insights on the data marketplace. Select from a variety of sharing options or simply activate all. The proprietary AiiNSIGHTS feature reveals the true power of your data by creating your own digital avatar, simplifying digital daily life truly making your data your currency.

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You earn Aii’s for sharing your data, viewing text, banner or video infomercials or participating in market surveys. Redeem your Aii’s for various vouchers and coupons whenever you want.


The proprietary AiiNSIGHTS feature synthesizes your data and creates over time your digital avatar. Based on the insights you are sharing, the avatar learns and starts to interact with you managing and organizing your digital presence. By filtering the broad data traffic targeted at you, the avatar acts as a digital fence and will showcase only highly relevant news, activities, insights, business ads and promotions matching your exact preferences. The insightful and interactive nature of your avatar becomes a useful tool in planning and simplifying daily life. ...Read More

* No sensitive data is shared, only your behaviour.


Share your basic navigation behaviours and smart device insights. Scroll on the virtual screen and check out the different streams.

* No sensitive data is shared, only your behaviour.


Your one-stop tracking and sharing solution for everything related to health, activity, medical and daily vitals. Connect your smart wearables, use the symptom tracking feature and explore the possibilities of your health data.

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#mydatamyasset in the form of Aii’s and as the medium of transactions. Instant UPI enabled payments and more features are coming you way.


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The world’s first social network built on consensually shared data, supplemented with AiiNSIGHTS and insights from the various data sharing channels and connected platforms. No advertisement spam, no data mining, you have full control of your data and all of this within the connected Aiisma data ecosystem.